Founder and CEO Ralph G. Jacobus started RAMENWERK when he realized that his friends and now business partners’ new restaurant venture in Brooklyn could be greatly enhanced by his expertise and knowledge of technology.

A native of Berlin, Germany, Mr. Jacobus has over 15 years experience in the IT industry and was educated at the Berlin School of Economics, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in business administration and later, he earned his executive MBA at HEC, the renowned French business school in Paris, France.

Throughout his career, Mr. Jacobus dealt with complex technical solutions, systems integration, product development, business development and business management. While researching and developing his concept for RAMENWERK, Mr. Jacobus realized that while most of the technology needed for his vision was readily available and reaching competitive price points, the elements had never been integrated on a technical level and targeted for the restaurant and hospitality industry. It is Mr. Jacobus' vision to create an integrated and easy-to-use solution for a non-technical user at a competitive price point, allowing significant returns.

Having lived in Paris, where enjoyment of food and the dining experience is particularly sublime, Mr. Jacobus founded RAMENWERK in the hopes of melding his two great passions — technology and food — into a unique 21st century dining experience. Mr. Jacobus currently resides in New York City.

Ed Lewis is the Technical Director of RAMENWERK. Mr. Lewis began his career as an underwater and wildlife photographer. Traveling the world and shooting in such exotic places as Alaska, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia, some of his adventures, just to name a few, included photographing sharks in the waters off of Fiji, grizzly bears in Alaska and crocodiles in Australia, all up close and personal.

After a few years of photography and an impressive portfolio, Mr. Lewis entered the more lucrative — and less dangerous — world of technology. For the past 20 years he has been engineering, technically directing and programming complex video wall and control systems — for many high profile events including the 1992 and 1996 Democratic National Conventions, the Disney Teacher Awards, the MTV Music Video Awards, the VH1 Video Awards and the Tony Awards.

Moving into show control in the late 1990s, Mr. Lewis has designed, engineered and programmed countless complex multi-source video playback and show control systems for large corporate events, theatrical productions, and music tours. With a list of clients past and present such as Celebrity and Royal Caribbean cruise lines, toy manufacturers Mattel and Fisher-Price, Honda Motorcycles, General Motors, Chrysler, country singer Alan Jackson, the R&B group Boyz II Men, the UNC Tar Heels and many more, Mr. Lewis continues to stay on the cutting edge of the newest and best control and playback technologies in the world.