Our Mission

RAMENWERK operates at the convergence of art, design and technology. RAMENWERK will provide all technology, contents and services and work with architects, interior designers and space owners in order to create a unified and customized experience.


  • Create an integrated technology and design concept
  • Provide project management of the concept from development to implementation to maintenance, providing ongoing technical support

  • Supply all technology and services required to make your space come alive

  • Create a unique event concept with dedicated “themes” for your space

  • Provide future access to a data warehouse with new “themes” and events with proven positive revenue and profit impact


  • Flexible interior design that is easily changed for any type of event (e.g. new collections, corporate & private parties, holidays or even just for the time of day)

  • Optimize use of your space by creating events, promotions and themes in order to target new patrons

  • Adjust interior design over time in order to profit from market trends and maintain a competitive edge

  • Cost-saving light and technology design using the latest LED-based technologies