RAMENWERK uses a wide range of software, audio and visual (AV) technologies and advanced lighting solutions in order to create a unified and customized experience.


A key game-changing event for any of the technologies used by RAMENWERK is the advent and radical improvement of LEDs in recent years combined with a steep fall in cost for this technology. LEDs are not only significantly reshaping the lighting industry but have had a profound impact on any technology using light sources such as flat screens and projectors. RAMENWERK’s solutions would have been cost prohibitive only a couple of years ago but with the use of LEDs all light based technologies have experienced:

  • A dramatic increase in life span increasing from only several thousand hours to tens of thousands of hours

  • An evenly dramatic reduction in power consumption and a directly related reduction in heat output

Interface with your space

RAMENWERK is investing significant amounts of funds in order to create a user-friendly, fully integrated user interface so that non-technical users can interact in the most creative ways with the installed technology. After installation, you will not depend on RAMENWERK in order to play and create your vision for your space.